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Before you spend any more money on any of the Ebooks or so called programs you need to Learn why 99% of them don't work and What Actually Works!


The few friends I have tell me "Jeff, if you didn't have Bad Luck you'd have no luck at all!"

I was the state of Tennessee's 23rd website in 1994 Back then for just hosting I was paying $1200 per month

I am also tired of these so called Fair Weather friends, people who only want to be a part of you during ther good times.As soon as you need a good listening ear they are nowhere to be found.

The Internet, Land of opportunity

Buy this product buy that one where do you go, which one works? Everybodies opinion is so biased.

If you want to know which EBooks are good, which opportunities actually work then read my reviews. I have spent a fortune researching all these Ebooks, MLM and Netwrok Marketing Companies. I will let you know which ones work and which ones you should probably stay away from.

If you have a business you want help with marketing for, I am the one to go to. I did such an effective job of advertising my retail store that I was able to get the attention of the Big dog's and make them take notice.

Hell, if you want to learn how to get the best deal when buying a car, I can help you with this also since I used to be a car salesman.

I also despise all those websites that give no other contact information besides an Email address.

My name is Jeff Solochek and you can call me anytime at 954-972-5853. If you are ever in southern Florida you can even meet with me.

About my site.

I was in the liquidation business back in early 1990 and since that time I have made it a point to find the best deals on everything, to never pay retail. On the main page I put links to the best places to shop and save money. Whether you are looking for computer product, Movies, Vitamins, Books, Magazines, or how to eat at your favorite restaurant for half price.

On the other pages I give you a lot of FREE information about creating a website, setting up an online store, dealing in closeouts, Import and Export, etc.. Most of the information is completely FREE. However, I have written a couple of Ebooks myself like How to get cash for all the junk email you receive, or how to set up a full feastured website in Dreamweaver in less than 2 hours. Also I give recommendation of good Ebooks and if it were up to me I'd give these to you but the authors require them to be sold. But if you buy any of these I will include as many Free bonuses as possible.

If you are involved in MLM or Network Marketing, a lot of these companies are making their money in what you pay to sign up and by reselling you leads of other people who may be interested. if you need good quality leads that are dated and have IP stamps, most of them also have phone and address information, then let me know. I won't charge you exhorbinant money for these, none of the leads I currently resell will cost you more than about $0.20 each. and if you buy a large enough volume you will be paying less than a penny each.














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