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Below is the beginning of the best places to shop where you won't have to spend all of your money.

The first two are the best. Let's say you want to take out your other half to a nice restaurant plus give them a nice gift. On the link below you can get a gift certificate to a restaurant for 50%. Let's say you want to take your date to a Mexican Restaurant, click on the link below and see if any of the Mexican restaurant's in your town are listed. Let's say that a dinner for you and your date would cost about $25 you would buy a gift certificate for $25 and it would only cost you$12.50. On this site you can buy these certificates for pretty much any city in the USA.

Next you need the gift part of your date. How would you like to buy a pair of 24k Gold hoop earings? normally these would cost you several hundred dollars at a store in the United states. go to www.thaigem.com and use karynsolochek as the referral email address. On this site you can buy those earings for less than $60.00













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