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Before setting up a website
First you need to decide what you will want your website to do. If you are just setting up a personal site that won’t be selling anything then one of these free sites may be all you need. Or if you want one with your name as the domain, www.johnsmith.com, then you can register the domain for as little as about $8.95 with a company like www.godaddy.com. If you’re looking to sell online and to track visitors on your site then you have to decide on a hosting company that can provide everything you need.

Before we go into what you need to look into as far as a hosting company I want to go over a few other possibilities. There are many bizopps out there that offer to set you up with a website and with products to sell but basically what they want you to do is promote and advertise these sites. If you don’t have a subscriber list for a newsletter you publish or a business with a current customer base of at least a 100,000 then all your time and money will be spent with website promotion. This is the hardest part of any online business.

These companies are counting on you doing all this and you pay them the initial setup fee and they only pay you for sales that you bring to them. If you increased their website traffic by a million hits per month but none of these people, or only a small percentage, bought then you basically have spent a lot of time but in the end reaping nothing.

Now if these ready made stores let you pick and choose the products that you are selling then this might be worth investigating further. If you go to the website www.worldwidescams.com you can find out which companies to stay away from. Also another company that gives good information about these companies is www.mazu.com. He can even help you in setting up a website that works.

Now one more item before we look more at hosting. Domain registration. Here are a few tips when choosing a domain name. URL’s that start with a number get higher search engine ranking. With Yahoo though your URL has to match what you call your site. i.e. www.1abcd.com will rank higher then www.abcd.com . But on Yahoo your site name has to match your URL. The reason for this is that Yahoo has real live people that look at all the sites out there, most of the other search engines use what is called spider’s or bots. Software programs designed to search the web and rank websites.


There are thousands of companies that are currently offering website hosting and each one offers different items with the hosting they offer. One of the most important features to look for I have found out the hard way is 24/7 live support. 99 out of 100 times that you encounter a problem with your site it will be outside of normal business hours. This can be very hazardous if your site goes down on a Friday evening and you can’t get help until Monday.

Some of these budget hosting companies only provide support via email. I know what its like waiting for an answer via email, not pleasant at all. The old adage “You get what you pay for” holds true in a lot of hosting providers. The more they offer the better like SSL, MYSQL, unlimited email accounts with auto responders is a great feature. To pay for a separate Auto responder account could be an extra $20 per month. Some hosting providers only give a few email accounts with your package and charge for additional email addresses.

Some web hosting companies even provide a basic web site creation software. This original website was created in a package that was given to me by the company that does my hosting. It is far from perfect. I plan to eventually create a site in Macromedia Dreamweaver. I have looked at many different website software packages and have found Dreamweaver to be the easiest. It allows you to incorporate Flash, Fireworks, and databases into your site.

When buying software you can save a lot of money if

you have a student in the family by getting the Academic pricing. There is no difference between an Academic version and the regular version except for pricing. MS Office Professional can cost you over $500 unless you obtain the academic version which will cost you less than $200.












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